Teaching on-site classes

CPR2U On-Site classes can help prevent tragedy

CPR2U teaching CPR at Guadalajara Original Grill
On Mother’s day of 2014, the brother of a CPR2U managing partner went into Sudden Cardiac Arrest in a restaurant in Tucson, AZ. Unfortunately, there was no-one in the restaurant who knew (or was willing to do) CPR. From this unfortunate incident, CPR2U redoubled its efforts to reach out to business owners to encourage them to have their staffs trained in CPR.

On Monday, February 9th, 2015, CPR2U was at Guadalajara Original Grill teaching their staff AHA Hands-only CPR. Even though Guadalajara Original Grill was not the location where this unfortunate incident took place, the business owner had heard about our outreach efforts and made the call for us to train their staff. CPR2U furnished the equipment and instructors, with Guadalajara Original Grill providing the space at their location for our instructors to train their staff.






10968543_10203854338418761_8929824720169741601_nAlso present was KGUN 9 news, who did an interview with managing partner Bill Spurbeck, about the efforts of CPR2U to help prevent other families from feeling the pain and suffering that his felt, when his brother passed away and no-one did CPR.

To support our mission to train as many people as possible in life-saving CPR, and do our best to prevent another family from going through the tragedy that our own Bill’s family suffered, we’re offering a special for businesses to contact us to do training at their location for their staff. Call us at (520) 400-8204 or (480) 892-2849 for details.

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