PALS Online HeartCode is the most high tech, official American Heart Association (AHA) Self-Directed Comprehensive eLearning Program option for recognizing and preventing cardiopulmonary arrest in infants and children. PALS Online HeartCode allows students to take the PALS course on a computer, instead of attending a traditional, classroom based course. PALS Online HeartCode uses simulation technology and scenario-based learning that in studies has been shown to be very effective. This consists of:

  • The ability to choose content based upon experience level: core, intermediate, or advanced.
  • Treating 12 infant and child patient scenarios online by simulating various interventions such as starting IVs, hooking clients up to the monitor, asking clients questions and giving appropriate medications. The virtual patients react to treatment provided, right or wrong, allowing users to learn from their errors.
  • After completing the patient scenarios, learners receive detailed debriefings of their actions with suggestions for improvement.
  • Skills completed at our facility, performed by an AHA PALS instructor, focus on actual hands on testing of skills performed during the simulation practice.

How does it work?
Once course key has been purchased, the student will receive a key code within 24 hours from CPR2U via email. Then the student has six months to complete the online portion of the course. Once completed, the student prints a certificate that needs to be brought to an American Heart Association training center such as CPR2U to complete the skills testing portion. Upon successful demonstration of skills, the training center will issue the student a certification card valid for 2 years through the American Heart Association Center.

Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) – $225

PALS Skills Check-off 2 & 3 – $125

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